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Listen to ambient noise for sleep sounds, tinnitus relief, working, and focus. Featuring the beautiful sounds of nature soundscapes, calming water noise, and binaural music. Ambient Noise helps babies, adults, and pets rest better. 👉 Listen to our our ad-free episodes for a low-monthly cost: 👈 read less

Our Editor's Take

The Ambient Noise Online podcast has soothing background sounds for every activity. Some episodes play sounds, while others play songs. Listeners can try a new sound each day or choose a favorite one for their routine. There are tracks to play while working, studying, sleeping, exercising, and driving. Most episodes are between one and nine hours long, depending on the sound's purpose.

Episodes aren't only for adults. There are lullabies, womb sounds, and bedtime stories for children. Ambient Noise Online also has songs to soothe cats and dogs while their owners are away. The ambient noises aren't interrupted by ads or commentary like some podcasts are. There's a brief ad before the ambient sounds start, then there are no distractions.

Listeners who like white noise have several "colors" to choose from. The Ambient Noise Online podcast has gray, purple, black, brown, pink, green, blue, and white noise. There are variations like smoothed brown and layered brown for specific preferences.

Those who like household sounds can hear a vacuum, fan, lawnmower, washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioner, or ice maker. Remote workers might appreciate the library, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, and warehouse sounds. Podcast listeners who want a great escape can try the spaceship, train, or airplane tracks. If someone finds busy sounds relaxing, they might prefer the city street or ticking clock.

The Ambient Noise Online podcast offers beautiful nature sounds, including crackling campfires. Animal lovers can select the loon, bird, owl, cricket, frog, or whale episodes. Water appears in several episodes in the form of lakes, rivers, brooks, and oceans. There are also gentle rain sounds as droplets make contact on tents, roofs, cars, and decks. Wind blowing through the leaves is another comforting option. Listeners who find many sounds soothing will appreciate that some episodes combine sounds. There are tracks with music accompanied by crashing ocean waves. Wind chimes ring with birds whistling in the background.

The podcast includes Tibetan chants, guitar, piano, and ASMR. It's a comprehensive collection with something for everyone. Concentration, relaxation, stress relief, sleep, and joy are all enabled by Ambient Noise Online.

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Bedtime Stories for Kids About The Sleepy School Bus & The Land of Dreams (Bedtime Story for Kids, Good Bedtime Stories, Short Bedtime Stories, Bed Time Storys)
Bedtime Stories for Kids About The Sleepy School Bus & The Land of Dreams (Bedtime Story for Kids, Good Bedtime Stories, Short Bedtime Stories, Bed Time Storys)
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