Dhani Harrison


06-03-2024 • 38 mins

Last fall, singer-songwriter and film score composer Dhani Harrison released a dynamic new solo album called Innerstanding, which gave me the perfect opportunity to finally interview him in depth. "To innerstand is to comprehend from a place of love and detachment, where you’re not forcing yourself or being forced," he explains. "If you come at things from a place of love, then you’ll always end up on the right side of history."

I’ve known Dhani for nearly twenty years, and I was so glad to have him as a guest on the LSQ podcast, and to ask him about his personal musical evolution. We connected over Zoom late last year, and he shared memories of how he first discovered and explored his musical talents, with encouragement from his dad, George Harrison, how skateboarding with his cousin in LA as a kid sparked his obsession with the Wu-Tang Clan, why, in spite of his abiding love for Jimi Hendrix, he never wanted to be a shredder, why he was so geeked to have Blur's Graham Coxon play (both guitar and saxophone) on Innerstanding, how he started writing film scores back in 2013 with the music for Beautiful Creatures, why he returned to living in the forest in recent years, leading up to the new album, and more. Innerstanding is available on vinyl here.