Rodrigo y Gabriela - Gabriela Quintero


16-05-2024 • 47 mins

I had the best time getting to know the wonderful Gabriela Quintero of Grammy-winning psychedelic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela for this episode of the LSQ podcast. We recently met over Zoom for a conversation exploring important moments in her personal creative evolution — things like seeing an all-girl Japanese metal band when she was 10; or discovering Metallica thanks to the mixtape her sister’s boyfriend had made, as part of his romance strategy; meeting her bandmate Rodrigo Sánchez at a local culture house where they grew up in Mexico City; how their friendship and mutual love for playing guitar led them to playing together, eventually moving to Zihuatanejo and starting the band; their adventures busking in Ireland at the end of the 90s, and how that helped kickstart their career; and lots of other stuff, including their awesome latest album, In Between Thoughts… A New World. Rodrigo y Gabriela are on tour right now; get tickets here.