Pizza Delivery

History of Business

11-06-2021 • 37 mins

There’s probably a good chance that you recently ordered a box of pizza. It might have been for sharing with your friends and family. Or maybe it was likely for a night-in alone, or binging Netflix with a glass of wine - just some of the ways in which we easily enjoy pizza nowadays. The classic Pizza and a movie.

No other food item is as international as the humble pizza, with each country carrying its own variations. Cultural variations like how the Japanese put squid on theirs while restaurants in the United Kingdom serve it as a Full English Breakfast, with each slice containing sausages, baked beans, and black pudding.

And of course, there’s the notorious Hawaiian pizza, with its pineapple and ham toppings causing countless debates and food wars. One of those ‘you either love it, or hate it’ things.

The story of pizza spans centuries and countries, with both Italy and the United States credited as its home. To top it all off, it has facilitated a drastic transformation in the food industry, thanks to the fact that it perfectly meets the customer’s demand for a convenient and filling, yet cheap meal.

But how exactly did pizza come about? And what led to it turning from a homemade dish into something that arrives at your doorstep less than half an hour after you ordered it?

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