Beanie Babies

History of Business

14-05-2021 • 35 mins

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but the photo of a divorced couple picking through their massive collection of Beanie Babies is definitely one that encapsulates an unbelievable movement that lasted nearly a decade.

The 90s were marked by many things, although one of the most memorable – and arguably, the most ridiculous – was the mania caused by a few stuffed animals. These toys were originally meant for children, but ultimately ended up turning adults into both millionaires and paupers overnight.

We’ll be discussing the Beanie Babies, which were a 90s icon that caused mass hysteria with every new product release. Not only will we discuss its story and its creator, Ty Warner, but we’ll also be learning to understand how exactly these five-dollar stuffed animals managed to destabilize the consumer market.

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