TGCI 219: Corporate Lawyer moving to Colombia to start a coffee company!

The Gold Collar Investor

06-02-2023 • 36 mins

For today's episode, Pancham interviews Adam Jason - partner of Legacy Group, who joined in 2017 after eight years practicing law in the United States.

Adam, after graduating from law school worked for two international law firms and advised the world's leading investment banks like JP Morgan and Citibank, among others. He specializes in corporate finance, corporate governance, and securities regulation, helping companies and investment banks with IPOs and offering debt and equity securities.

Let us discover Adam's journey from being a corporate lawyer moving to Colombia, and starting a successful coffee company! Let us also know how he got the courage to completely part ways with the life he had always seen to start something new.

Listen and enjoy the show!


"Everybody is so traditional, but if you are willing to do something different and make something of it, you have a story to tell."

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:37 - Pancham introduces Adam Jason
  • 2:14 - Adam talked about how he started his investing and entrepreneurial journey in Colombia.
  • 7:19 - What are the challenges Adam had when he first moved to Colombia and left his job?
  • 9:40 - Adam being a partner of Legacy Group and his flagship product, "Green Coffee Company."
  • 16:06 - Aggregating land as the start of his coffee company
  • 22:27 - Green Coffee Company's workforce
  • 25:00 - Distribution and partnership with other companies
  • 30:32 - Adam's first time investing outside of Wall Street
  • 31:53 - One of his investments didn't go as expected
  • 33:00 - Adam's advice for people starting their investing journey
  • 34:44 - How can you connect with Adam

3 Key Points:

  1. There are plenty of opportunities for the ultra-high network, but difficult to get direct access to private businesses with good upside.
  2. Focus on an industry that is significant in the country where you are starting your business.
  3. Find alternative investments that are meaningful for you.

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