You didn't think that would be it did you?

How to Take the Lead

15-06-2023 • 43 mins

You know we can’t resist a cheeky bonus episode. As we end the series we take the opportunity to reflect on which episodes really resonated with us and with listeners. And we use this episode as an opportunity to cover things that cropped up between our conversations that we didn’t get the chance to discuss.

We share our own views, thoughts and experiences:

  • 04:22 – finding your fire again – the “so what?”
  • 07:24 – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • 12:40 – honesty and vulnerability
  • 19:18 – shifting perceptions of power
  • 31:00 -  making your voice count
  • 33:21 – perception – it’s all personal

As it’s a bonus we’ve not stuck to our usual format with top takeaways. However we have delved into all sorts of examples of good, bad and ugly leadership including mentions for Edward Enninful, Plaid Cymru, Dominic Raab, CBI and even the TV show Rise and Fall.

Get in touch to let us know what you want us to cover in Series 4, back after the summer holidays.

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