Tackling toxicity

How to Take the Lead

04-01-2024 • 56 mins

We've talked a lot about culture and how it impacts performance, morale and organisational reputational. If you've been a long-term listener you will have heard our own experiences of working in organisations with poor culture and toxic behaviours. But in this episode we want to tackle it head on and explore what can be done about overcoming toxicity in organisations.

We discuss:

  • how we define toxic leadership
  • what tips the balance between an organisation being dysfunctional versus toxic
  • what organisational indicators might be telling you about the state of toxicity
  • signs that toxic behaviours are at play in your organisation
  • how to recognise if you're displaying toxic behaviours
  • evidence, self-reflection, honest conversations that leaders need to have to understand the culture you're creating or perpetuating
  • the top three challenges that need to be addressed to tackle toxic leadership
  • calling out poor behaviours and creating the right conditions to role model for others
  • the drain of good people leaving organisations - what can be done about it?
  • how to deal with the personal toll of being on the receiving end of toxic leadership and the baggage that you can carry with you

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