Are you a thought leader?

How to Take the Lead

18-01-2024 • 43 mins

Should you be a thought leader? WHAT exactly does it mean to be a thought leader? In this week's How to Take the Lead, we discuss our thoughts on this topic, arguing the case for more leaders to talk out about things they're expert in.

We explore:

  • whether anyone can become a thought leader or if it's hierarchical
  • what you need to bring to be a thought leader - and our equation that makes a thought leader
  • how thought leadership can help you as a leader
  • organisational benefits of thought leadership and how to work with your organisation
  • what activities can contribute to thought leadership
  • the role of controversy in thought leadership
  • legacy of thought leadership ideas
  • how you work out where your thought leadership subject lies.

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How to Take the Lead is a show exploring all things leadership.

Every episode we explore a different part of life as a leader, questioning everything we've ever learnt and sharing a few of our own stories along the way.

If you want to learn how to do leadership your own way, join hosts Lee Griffith and Carrie-Ann Wade as they debunk myths, tackle stereotypes and generally put the leadership world to rights.

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