Is leadership for you?

How to Take the Lead

07-12-2023 • 37 mins

In this episode of How To Take The Lead, we ask the question 'is leadership for you?'. We are into our fourth series of the podcast now and we realised we hadn't ever really addressed this question.

We share our own experiences and the reasons why we have chosen to step into leadership positions.

Our conversation is broad and wide ranging covering the following:

  • the difference between leadership and management
  • what defines you as a leader - is it about positional power and hierarchy or something else?
  • clarity on your purpose and the impact you intend to have as a leader
  • is leadership all about the job title and the pay, plus is it ok to want to be paid well for what you do?
  • do you choose to be a leader or is it something that is granted to you by others?
  • defining what leadership means - no one size fits all
  • questions you can start to ask yourself about why you want to be a leader, regardless of whether you are new to leadership or a well established leader.

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How to Take the Lead is a show exploring all things leadership.

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If you want to learn how to do leadership your own way, join hosts Lee Griffith and Carrie-Ann Wade as they debunk myths, tackle stereotypes and generally put the leadership world to rights.

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