Difficult conversations

How to Take the Lead

23-03-2023 • 35 mins

Having difficult conversations is part and parcel of being a leader, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In this episode we talk about how to have a difficult conversation with individuals, teams and in public. We share our advice and tips for how you can prepare for a challenging conversations and what you might want to consider from the point of view of the person/ people you are talking with.

In this episode we share our own views, thoughts and experiences:

  • 5:10 – conflict and tension
  • 10:10 – difficult team conversations
  • 17:29 – communicating challenges outside of your organisation
  • 24:10 – preparation is key
  • 25:56 – seeking support
  • 32:53 – How to… have a difficult conversation as a leader

As always, we share our top takeaways to help you consider how to have a difficult conversation. This week is all about preparation, evidence, relationship building and mindset. And we want to remind you not to take it personally.

In this episode we reference Connect by Carole Robin and David Bradford


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