How to Take the Lead

16-03-2023 • 40 mins

Confidence is something that comes up in so many of our conversations with leaders and aspiring leaders. In this episode we explore what confidence means in relation to leadership – both in terms of your own leadership and how you create confidence for others.

In this episode we share our own views, thoughts and experiences:

  • 05:18 – confidence is subjective
  • 10:30 – loud doesn’t equal confident
  • 13:28 – don’t assume confidence means you don’t need support
  • 15:15 – who is creating the confidence gap?
  • 21:12 – developing your confidence
  • 28:36 – practical things to support you
  • 29:09 – How to – lead with confidence

As always, we share our top takeaways. We want you to be curious and explore that feedback in relation to your confidence, seek out the evidence and reflect on what the issues might be in terms of your confidence. Don’t take feedback, yours or anyone else’s at face value – put the work in to develop your confidence.

In this episode we reference The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.


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