Leadership - is it all about power?

How to Take the Lead

27-04-2023 • 47 mins

Can you believe it’s the penultimate episode in this series already?

In this episode we tackle the topic of power in leadership and how power dynamics show up. We talk about some of the misconceptions in relation to power, challenge some of the stereotypes of how power can play out for leaders and how we can better understand how we can use our power for good as leaders. We share our own thoughts and experiences about how the concept of power has impacted our own leadership journeys.

  • 03:08 – different types of power
  • 09:21 – behaviours and signals from others
  • 16:18 – can you lead successfully without power?
  • 21:32 – feeling powerless
  • 31:18 – abuse of power
  • 43:18 - How to… leverage your power

As always, we share our top takeaways to help you leverage your power as a leader. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of power consider reframing this to think about impact and influence. Identify where you do and don’t have the power to help you deliver your purpose. Focus on relationships you are building, grow your awareness and work on your communication and connection skills.


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