Staying curious

How to Take the Lead

04-05-2023 • 33 mins

It’s the last episode of this series and we are all about staying curious. We discuss how we define curiosity in leadership and whether it is a core leadership skill. We are not just talking about being curious about others, but being curious about your own approach to leadership and how a culture of curiosity can impact your teams and organisation.

We share our own views, thoughts and experiences:

  • 03:08 – the art of asking questions
  • 07:24 – benefits of being curious
  • 13:56 – can you learn to be a curious leader?
  • 22:24 – losing your curiosity
  • 28:21 -  How to… demonstrate curiosity

As always, we share our top takeaways to help you demonstrate curiosity as a leader. Questions are key, the types of questions you ask and how you ask them. Surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people and diverse thinking will support your curiosity.

In this episode we reference Matthew Syed’s Rebel Ideas


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