Taking risks

How to Take the Lead

01-02-2024 • 44 mins

What is your risk appetite as a leader?

It's well evidenced that high-performing teams are those who are willing to take collective risk. But it's not easy to get to that place, especially if it's outside of your comfort zone.

In this episode, we chat all things risk and why your approach to it matters. We discuss:

  • how we define risks and how our approaches vary
  • risk awareness versus risk-taking
  • how your DISC profile - or preferences - can affect how you view and take risks
  • the requirement of psychological safety in building risk appetite
  • what good risk taking looks like
  • how to identify where you sit on a risk scale
  • how to become less risk averse
  • tackling risky behaviours in others without being a killjoy
  • getting alignment with your Board and taking people with you
  • embracing your inner risk-taker

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