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What initially launched during a feverish time of creativity during the COVID-19 Pandemic between Thomas Zaccheo and Damien Stewart, Dubfeat moves to critique and analyze movies of all sorts. Two movies enter the ring, one comes out on top. Both will have similarites as well as big differences. The topics will bounce around on occasions, but one thing that will stick around is the theme of movies. read less
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Ted Lasso Pod Talk!
Ted Lasso Pod Talk!
COHERENCY RETURNED! Jason, Luis, and myself have an eloquent conversation (okay fine, a semi-raunchy but still solid convo) about the great show Ted Lasso. With our combined busy schedule, it took some time for us to sit and break down Lasso, which we were all itching to do after the finale. That being said, everything wasn't as fresh, hence the playback of the the show in the background as we talked. One heavily featured episode playing (and distracting us) in this pod was Season 3 - Episode 11, Mom City, easily a top 5 contender for one of the best episodes of Ted Lasso, in addition to the Coach Beard episode, too. We attempt to dissect/understand  the writer's strike (which is at 145 days!) toward the end of the pod.  We also put our anticipation for Oppenheimer on the pod, as we were finally in a position where our schedules allowed for a group viewing. Semi-related, I was watching What We Do In The Shadows and caught a Ted Lasso nod in the show. They had a banner that said “BELIEVE” which was on a blackboard. As always, sit back or keeping moving and enjoy us breaking down one of the most feel-good shows of the last two decades.  As usual, we discuss a multitude of other shows/movies among Ted Lasso, which includes (but not limited to):Freaks and GeeksPlatonic (on Apple TV)The BoysBlue Mountain StateBreaking Bad Better Call SaulScrubsThe Dark Knight RisesThe Two Escobars (30 for 30 Documentary)Manhattan (TV Series)Judas and the Black MessiahBlack Klansman Final Note: One of the episodes related fleshing out of Ted Lasso's history was the show establishing that Lasso's father committed suicide. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, counselors are available 24/7 to listen and support you at 988.If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of hurting themselves and you are unable to intervene, or in immediate danger because of a health condition or other situation, call 911.(No cats were harmed during the making of this podcast)Films To Be Buried With (Podcast) : Doctors Real Friends (Podcast) :