Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll or: High School Memories PLUS Some TV Talk

The Dubfeat Variety Hour

17-09-2023 • 47 mins

This pod has a long journey of malfunctioning editing software, full cutting that disappeared, convos that shouldn't be brought into the world and more! The pod came close to being shelved and thrown into THE VAULT, but I kept at it anyway. It was a little tough to cut. Jason, Luis and Myself were indulging in some beers and edibles, so when I was sober, I saw that there were about 3+ hours of audio that progressively became less coherent. This here is that last hour of coherence. After some sprucing up, cutting out plenty of crap along the way, this is what remains.

We dabble in some of our favorite moments in High School, meandering into film and television as we always do. Sit back and enjoy this one, as we were heavily intoxicated OR  better yet, have a drink too, so that you can feel as drunk as we were.

PS-Keep your eyes peeled. A sober convo between the three of us is coming soon!

RIP to Anthony Cherenfant. An awesome friend from Jamaica High School, an awesome friend after Jamaica High School. Truly a great friend to everyone who crossed his path. You will be missed, bro.