Strategic Networking with Sam Singh: Understanding the Power of Proximity!

Multifamily Freedom Chasers

17-09-2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

Sam Singh, the illustrious real estate investor and the co-host of the Origin Story podcast, graces the Sunday Activation Zoom once more.

Dive into this captivating session where Sam unravels the essence of PROXIMITY and its role in his meteoric rise.

From a bank balance of $0 to creating two booming businesses with impressive six-figure monthly revenue, Sam sheds light on the transformative power of gratitude and strategic networking.

Discover why Sundays are earmarked for billionaires and learn the significance of the often-ignored intangible topics.

As Sam passionately shares his trajectory, learn how real estate success isn't always tied to a hefty wallet but to dedication and the ability to close deals. Mentors, timely opportunities, and the indispensable factor of proximity have been the wind beneath Sam's wings.

The Origin Story podcast not only chronicles success tales but was pivotal in Sam's own journey. A challenge to go live on Instagram, an unexpected ticket to an event in Miami, and the unforgettable visit to Ed Mylett's residence; all underline the miraculous results of true value addition and heartfelt relationships.

Authenticity & Vulnerability: Sam underscores these twin pillars in the art of relationship-building. Through personal anecdotes, learn how genuine interactions supersede any facades. From encounters with people who have mended their ways from manipulation to valuing vulnerability, the discussion is laden with insights. Ed Mylett stands as a testament to the power of emotionally charged, vulnerable speech.

Wrapping up, Sam's recurrent invites to prestigious events are a testament to the indomitable appeal of authenticity.

Tune in and tap into the power of proximity!

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