Learning Stories Episode 30 - Nikhil Kurhe

Learning Stories

29-09-2022 • 36 mins

On Episode 30 of #LearningStories we chat with Nikhil Kurhe. He is a computer engineer and entrepreneur based out of Pune, India. Since 2019 though, Nikhil has been building an Open Data company called Finarkein and they've been instrumental in building, scaling and driving adoption for the next wave of India's Public Digital Infrastructure around Open Finance, Health & Identity. As the co-founder and CEO of Finarkein, Nikhil now wears multiple hats and each new day brings a new learning experience. Nikhil is also a proud cat dad, plays hours of badminton weekly, a voracious reader and extremely curious around all things human behavior, decision making, game theory and generally around what makes us and the world tick. You can find him online at https://twitter.com/formatterr.