Episode #01 - Into The FinTech with REAP


23-03-2023 • 28 mins

Today we are happy to invite Daren Guo, co-founder of financial platform REAP to share his insights on some of the latest trends in FinTech, payment, and of course, the hot topic of Web 3.

Reap is a Hong Kong-based financial platform that combines spend management software with innovative payment products to help businesses of all sizes. Customers can easily apply for the service here reap.global. Last year, the company completed an eye-catching funding round of USD 40 million, a proof of its robust growth in recent years.

As the co-founder, Daren started the company with Kevin Kang in 2018. Prior to that, he spent years in the payment industry in San Francisco and Singapore before moving to Hong Kong. Being a podcast lover, he comes to Payment Asia’s office and has a chat with our host Devere Bryan. Click to listen to the full podcast on your device!

0:30  A history of REAP
6:14  The vision and mission
10:00 How do virtual assets affect the landscape of Hong Kong fintech?
12:40 SMEs for digital transformation
18:48 What does Hong Kong mean to you?
25:30 Final tips of advise for all