Episode #6 - Access to Alternative


21-08-2023 • 21 mins

Episode #6 - Access to Alternative | P-FACTOR

The public market is changing rapidly in recent years and more people are putting their focus on the private market to manage their wealth. It is a sector that was considered as “difficult to enter”, but Altive is here to change that.

Altive is a financial technology platform powering the world’s alternative investment market. The company uses AI and other latest technology to remove the hurdle of investing in alternatives and make it accessible to all.

This time we invite Hardy Liu, Managing Partner of Altive to explain how they can bridge the gap of investment with the help of AI, and what to expect in investment in a digital era.

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00:10 What does Altive do?

03:05 Hardy Liu shared his view on HK's wealth tech

09:20 How does Altive utilize AI?

11:11 The biggest challenge for wealth tech

14:09 The influence brought by HK's VASP license and the city's transformation to a digital hub

16:46 Expansion plan of Altive

19:50 What's in the pipeline for Altive?