The science to find your flow in your work day - Sarah Gregg

Burn From Within

03-04-2021 • 49 mins

On episode 37 of the show, I have Sarah Gregg, a psychologist, coach and author of two highly-practical books - Find Your Flow and her upcoming book Choose Happy which is being released next month. We talk about the science behind gratitude, what rules and routines can create flow in your work day and how you can actually make decisions to be happier.


  • Connect directly with Sarah Gregg on Instagram and follow her useful daily tips here @thepowertoreinvent
  • Sarah's website detailing all her work, coaching and workshops on flow and happiness here
  • Find Your Flow book - an awesome highly-practical book to burn from within more each day by entering your flow state.
  • Choose Happy - Sarah's upcoming book here.

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