From NHS Psychology to Travel Blogger And Hypnotherapist - Alice Nettleingham

Burn From Within

18-03-2021 • 47 mins

On this week’s episode, I have Alice Nettleingham, who has gone through a number of career changes and each time has really enjoyed every career she has been in.

Like me, she loves variety and adventure and we met each other in Bansko, Bulgaria.

After graduating in psychology, Alice worked as a psychological well-being practitioner for the NHS. Fast forward a few years and she had spent 5 years as an English teacher in Asia and forward some more and Alice is running a hugely popular female solo travel blogging business and now has become a certified hypnotherapist helping other content creators get rid of unconscious patterns of self doubt and procrastination that stops them being successful in their business.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Alice made the decision to change her career each time
  • Her approach to transition - jumping in with both feet and how this can really be effective for some people
  • How stories from others can change our beliefs and give us instant inspiration to change careers
  • How we can reprogram our minds by changing our self-narratives through hypnosis
  • How does hypnosis work exactly and how can it improve your clarity and productivity
  • What’s the one thing that’s made Alice burn from within?


Teacake Travels - Alice's awesome and highly popular solo female travel blog!
Connect with Alice on IG here - feel free to ask her any questions in DM - @speaktoalice
Book a taster hypnosis session here - trust me, you have to experience this!

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