Uncovering 6 controls in your internal cockpit to avoid crash and burn in your life and career - Matt Garrow-Fisher

Burn From Within

05-12-2020 • 1 hr 12 mins

Have you ever felt stressed, unhappy or going on an unsustainable path in life or at work?

We all have, as humans, at some point in our lives, right?

In this week’s episode, we explore 6 levels of human experience which, when we are consciously aware of them, can be tremendously useful when we feel stuck or misaligned in our lives. This is particularly true in our careers when figuring out and trying to pin26point why we are not happy.

Matt Garrow-Fisher shares insight from his conversations with Burn From Within show guests, examining their career and also lives at each of the following levels of human experience to identify where we can have misalignment:

Level 1 - Environment
Level 2 - Behaviour
Level 3 - Skills & Capabilities
Level 4 - Beliefs and Values
Level 5 - Identity (a powerful identity realisation is shared by Matt Harry in this episode)
Level 6 - Purpose

Instead of feeling stuck or unable to pinpoint the source of stress, unhappiness and that feeling that we don't want to carry on the career or life path we are on, we can investigate these levels to make changes so we have a clearer path for peace, joy, security and happiness.

Matt Garrow-Fisher examines the model inspired by Gregory Bateson (an English anthropologist) and developed by a pioneer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Robert Dilts called Neurological Levels of Change.

I hope you relate to the conversations shared in this episode and they help you to understand how you can start to use this model at each level in your own lives. Whether you feel internally misaligned in your career or in other life areas, to find opportunities to become more aligned and happy.


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