Transition to an entrepreneur and growing a 7-figure business - James Saward-Anderson

Burn From Within

15-04-2021 • 44 mins

This episode is about becoming an entrepreneur and actually the process and life in entrepreneurship.  I speak with James Saward-Anderson,  a co-founder of Social Tree Global with his business partner, Max Hannah. They started their business as a project in a bedroom back in 2016. And it's now grown to become one of the largest dedicated business-to-business, social media agencies, working with leading brands like UBS, IBM and Meltwater.

James and Max have also helped educate over 10,000 marketing and communication experts about the latest social media intelligence insights in finance and healthcare.  Both of them ran to Rome together, and after that experience decided to start a business. They now have a team of 11 staff and  a seven-figure turnover.

I ask questions around:

  • What made him decide to go into entrepreneurship?
  • What made him choose the business that he was in and pivot to it?
  • What makes a good business partner and the benefits of having one
  • Values that have helped his business grow and having a mission
  • The struggles actually with balance when you're running a full-time business,  i ask a lot of the questions that you might ask if you are looking to become an entrepreneur and make a career change yourself
  • What's the one thing that made James burn from within?


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