103: Thinking Outside the Box - A Misguided Idea

Creativity Inside the Box

01-08-2022 • 12 mins

“Think outside the box.” We’ve all heard this phrase, been told to follow its advice, and probably even instructed others to do so.

However, thinking outside the box is, in all actuality, a myth. It’s one of those things that’s been passed down throughout the years and repeated over and over again but that’s really a misguided idea. In this episode, I’m going to explain why.

Tune in to learn what’s wrong with the phrase, “think outside the box” and what you can do instead to become a more creative person.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. How Dr. JP Guilford spearheaded the study of creativity.
  2. What the nine dots puzzle is.
  3. How using this puzzle in a study lead Dr. Guilford to coin the phrase, “think outside the box.”
  4. How Clark Burnham and Ken Davis replicated that study and the results they got.
  5. What it really means to think outside the box.
  6. Why thinking inside the box leads to more creative solutions.

Resources from this episode:

Downloadable scorecard to rate your idea



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