Cult Survivors to Life Coaches: Self Improvement with Caleb Nelson - Anti Professional Podcast #13

Anti Professional Podcast with Chuck Copenspire

09-06-2023 • 57 mins

Prepare your earholes for a wild ride with your trusty host, Chuck Copenspire, as he dives headfirst into the idiosyncratic universe of Caleb Nelson, the brain behind Naked Sunday Studios. Pioneering entrepreneur? Check! Survived a cult? Check! Neurodivergent powerhouse? Check! This dude's life story has more plot twists than a Quentin Tarantino movie! In this episode, we traverse the rollercoaster world of online moneymaking - without resorting to pyramid schemes, we promise! We also unpack the perks and quirks of the neurodivergent mind, because who needs normal when we've got our beautiful, brainy chaos? Brace yourselves as we grapple with the weighty ethical dilemmas of wielding power and influence. Spoiler alert: With great power comes...well, you know the rest! So, plug in, tune out, and buckle up, 'cause we're about to hit the turbos on this conversation. All aboard the eccentric express, because the anti-professional podcast has got the goods, and it's not afraid to share them! Caleb's Website: Caleb's Insta: Caleb's LinkedIn: Naked Sunday Podcast: Chuck's Website: Chuck's Insta: