#139: Teachers' Guide to a Successful Career Pivot with Daphne Gomez

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11-01-2024 • 33 mins

Embarking on a new career path can be a daunting venture, especially for those stepping out of the realm of teaching. In our latest conversation with Daphne Gomez of Teacher Career Coach, we unearth the gains and challenges of shifting careers, and how educators can thrive in uncharted territories.

Daphne doesn't just share her story; she equips teachers with the compass for navigating through the stigma and practicalities of career reinvention. If you've ever felt the pull to explore life beyond the classroom, this episode promises to light your path with actionable advice on resume building and the art of transferring your teaching prowess to the corporate world.

As we break down the process of career change, we address the Tarzan tactic—why it's vital to secure a new professional branch before letting go of the old. Diverse insights pave the way for a journey marked by strategic timing, financial foresight, and the willingness to start anew, possibly even at a lower rung to climb faster later.

Daphne delves into the importance of self-awareness in this transition, driving home the message that understanding your strengths is the foundation for success, whether you're aiming for a role in instructional design, sales, or any other field. Through this episode's rich dialogue, teachers will find the encouragement and tools needed to turn the page and begin a fulfilling chapter in the story of their careers.

Check out Daphne's website here: Teacher Career Coach
Hear her podcast here: Teacher Career Coach Podcast
Follow her on Instagram: @teachercareercoach

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