Bible Mysteries

Scott Mitchell

Did you ever wonder why the Bible is hard to understand? What if God wrote the Bible in such a way as to hide a deep secret from Satan and his angels? Bible Mysteries unlocks the secrets in the Bible! Join Scott and Xena as they guide you through ancient mysteries that reveal much about what is going on in your world today. Join us to Unlock the Bible Now! You can learn more and find other resources at https://utbnow.com.

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The World That Was
45 mins
The World That WasThe Three HeavensThe Sea of GlassThe Seed of the WomanThe Nephilim (Giants) Part 1The Nephilim Part 2The Nephilim Part 3The War in HeavenAngels and UFOs Part 1Angels and UFOs Part 2The Mystery of IniquityNothing New Under the SunThe Garden of EdenThe Tree of LifeThe Serpent in the GardenThe Five KingdomsThe Satanic Global EliteThe Tower of BabelMystery BabylonThe Horror of Moloch