Episode 172: The Real Reptilians

Bible Mysteries

12-02-2024 • 51 mins

The Real Reptilians Show Notes


News of unexplained phenomena is increasing. Public awareness of what appears to be hidden governmental agendas to obscure information about these events is growing. We know by the Word of God that “supernatural” entities will be manifesting in the last days, as well as fearful sights and signs in the heavens and earth. Portals are reportedly opening wherein giant beings are supposedly appearing. There is nothing new about this. If we trace the history back, we find reptilian beings have been behind this agenda all along!

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Familiar spirit: Hebrew ôḇ (obe) - water skin bottle, necromancer, one who evokes the dead; ghost or spirit of a dead one, one engaged in the practice of necromancy (communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future), one that has a familiar spirit

Seraphims: Hebrew śārāp̄ (saw-rawf’) - “a serpent, fiery serpent, poisonous serpent (fiery from burning effect of poison). Seraph, seraphim are majestic beings with six wings, human hands or voices, in attendance upon God.”


All Scripture references are from the King James Version of the Bible.

Luke 21:10-11, Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 20:27, Deuteronomy 18:10-12, Genesis 3:1, Revelation 12:9, Isaiah 6:1-3, Revelation 9:17-19, Revelation 9:10-11, Isaiah 14:29,

Matthew 12:34


There is a reason Jesus called the religious leaders vipers. Vipers are poisonous serpents, and the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees was indeed poison. They were just as possessed by demons as the Oracle of Delphi! The unclean spirits of the Nephilim dwelt with in the leaders of Israel to mislead the people and oppose the Son of God. And they will do so again!

This antichrist will be a hybrid human/dragon entity, fathered by the serpent himself. It is my conviction that the fallen angels, at least those in command or of high rank, are seraph-type beings, reptilians in every sense of the word, who likely can change their form at will.

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