BSS1 – The Winner Takes It All, Worst way to start a business

Blue Sky Stinking

21-02-2019 • 22 mins

Useful Information (12:13) Like to get involved by being a guest expert on a future episode?  Contact us by email -  (21:13) Harriet Teagle - Artist in digital residence (21:26) Why Blue Sky Stinking (21:36) Camhayle Theatre Club Episode script Thirsty Thursday (0:21) Bob's Boardroom Bumble (2:11) Dinner at Nero's (6:35) Monday Morning Madness (8:46) Thirsty Thursday (0:21) CONTINUITY: It’s Thirsty Thursday and, following a Board meeting at their workplace, Zero’s Heroes, we are in the Dog and Bone Pub with Zelda and Bob ZELDA: I’m sick of working for my dad, he won’t give me any of the freedoms that I deserve.  I’m thirty-(mumble) now and I can take a stronger hand in running the business. BOB: Yeah sure, ‘cause you’re so skilled in business – you’ve been at it so long. ZELDA: I know, right! It’s not that hard.  I watched dad in the boardroom today, he took it easy on the factory manager, I would have kicked her out on her arse if I’d been running

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