Building Blockchain Infrastructure With Aaron Henshaw of Bison Trails

High Bit

22-06-2023 • 42 mins

In this episode of High Bit, Aaron discusses the challenges of hiring a team to build an infrastructure-as-a-service platform for blockchain networks. When Aaron and his cofounder Joe Lallouz first created Bison Trails, they initially faced challenges running nodes and infrastructure for different networks. They found that by investing in tests early on and improving automation capabilities, they could streamline operations. Coinbase eventually acquired Bison Trails in January 2021.

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2:28 Aaron's Background and How He Became an Engineer

5:21 Building Grand St. and Selling the Company to Etsy

10:55 The Early Days of Building Bison Trails

16:21 Building the Early Team of Infrastructure Engineers with Blockchain Experience

19:53 Slashing: The Penalties Imposed on Validators in Blockchain Networks for Misbehavior

27:07 What Bison Trails Taught Aaron About Building Large Organizations

33:28 Aaron on Lessons He Learned While Hiring the Bison Trails Team

38:00 Life After Bison Trails and Coinbase. What's Next for Aaron Henshaw?

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