The Future of Nail Care Using AI & Robotics with Clockwork’s Renuka Apte

High Bit

22-06-2023 • 24 mins

In this episode of High Bit, Renuka shares the evolution of Clockwork’s AI-powered nail-painting robot. She shares her insights into safe AI utilization and how she adopted software engineering principles into the hardware process.


1:56: Renuka’s Background as a Systems Engineer at Nvidia

5:27: Using an Off-The-Shelf AI Model to Create the First Version of Clockwork

10:06: Discovering Pointillism in Nail Painting

14:46: Using AI in Safe Ways

18:29: A Very Humbling Lesson for a Software Engineer

22:55: Making Nail Painting as Easy as Grabbing a Cup of Coffee

High Bit is a new podcast hosted by Initialized Capital managing partner Brett Gibson about the art of technical problem-solving.

A high bit is the most significant part of the binary representation of a number. In programming language, it is commonly referred to as the most important thing you need to understand about a problem.

We spoke with our first four guests about just that. In each episode, we’ll break down a gnarly engineering problem and hear how the builder’s ingenuity and inventiveness led to a successful outcome.

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