Understanding Mental and Physical Health Needs of Employees - Part 2

Benefits and Wellness Superhero Podcast

29-11-2021 • 16 mins

In this episode of the Benefits and Wellness Superhero Podcast, Julie Wald, CEO at Namaste Wellness joins Roger Thorpe to discuss how the mental health tsunami caused by the pandemic accelerated the adoption of wellness services.

Listen to the second installment of this two-part discussion to get Julie's take on the metrics and formulas companies can use to increase the chances of success when rolling out new wellness programs.

A wellness practitioner for over 25 years, Julie is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Inner Wealth: How Wellness Heals, Nurtures and Optimizes Ultra-Successful People, and was named one of 2021's Top 100 Women Leaders in Healthcare by Women We Admire.

Questions For Julie Include:

  • Is there now a formula that companies can consider for what makes a wellness program successful? An approach that's less about shiny objects or technology and more about results?
  • How can companies cut through the noise and choose wellness vendors that won't break the bank?