Wm Podcast 18 - The Grungiest Grunge that ever Yeeeeaaaah'd!

The Worship Metal Podcast

06-03-2024 • 1 hr 30 mins

Here at Worship Metal Towers we like to indulge in metal-adjacent genres every now and again. And we all have a soft spot for the 90's phenomenon that was (and still is) Grunge. Flannel and Yarling took Thrash out the back like Old Yeller and buried it beneath a mountain of sludgey guitar anthems, yet only lasted a few years itself. But the reverberations of those early 1990s are still wobbling along today. Have a listen as Chris, Blake and Si navigate the twisting history of such a formative feature in the musical landscape. Not only will people who were there at the time remember how good it was, the Grunge-Curious will find something to spur them on to their own journey. Enjoy!