Ep 16 – People were flocking to rural areas – with Hannah Cooper from the Staunton Innovation Hub

A very special coworking

25-10-2023 • 28 mins

During this interview, we’ll talk about:

  • Hannah and her space, the Staunton Innovation Hub
  • How to grow even during a pandemic
  • Remote work, balance and outposts

0:00 – Hi!

3:02 – Let’s do this right in this rural area and see how it goes

5:29 – We decided to open a 2nd space, during the pandemic

8:23 – Hey, why don’t you come and join our team?

11:50 – It was even better than I expected

15:45 – Understand the importance of work-life balance

17:47 – That’s where we get hybrid work

19:17 – Our community are self-starters

21:15 – Our hope is to have between 20 and 30 spaces

24:55 – We have a shortlist of areas that picked our interest

27:22 – Bye!


Hannah Cooper

Hannah manages the two Innovation Hubs, in Staunton and Harrisonburg. She’s also a wife, mum, adventurer and big support of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Staunton Innovation Hub is designed to reduce barriers to innovation and help small businesses succeed. Entrepreneurs come for features like fast internet or office space, and stay for the people.

Check her space, Staunton Innovation Hub :


Fanny Marcoux

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