Episode 10: About Time


13-06-2023 • 17 mins

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, I will delve into the profound distinction between two concepts of time: Kronos and Kairos. While Kronos represents chronological or sequential time, Kairos encompasses the opportune or divine moments. As believers, we often find ourselves caught up in the rush of Kronos, fixated on schedules and deadlines. However, it is in the Kairos moments that God uniquely shapes and transforms us. These Kairos moments are not bound by our linear understanding of time but are infused with divine significance. Through unexpected encounters, challenges, and blessings, God intervenes in our lives to teach, refine, and guide us. By recognizing and embracing the Kairos moments, we open ourselves up to the transformative work of God, experiencing His grace, purpose, and direction in ways that surpass our understanding. Join me as I explore how we can attune our hearts to recognize and embrace the Kairos moments, allowing God to mold us into the individuals He has called us to be.

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