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06-07-2023 • 41 mins

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This week: Musician Fake News
Here's some fun for the week. Often musicians will create a false story and the press will run with it. About a month ago, Diddy suggested he was paying Sting thousands of dollars per day for the use of a song. Everyone reported it. It was not true. Fake News. We have a whole list of other fake music news.
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Joe and Tammy Burns
As of August 2015, my wife Tammy joins me as the full time Rock School co-host. That makes four co-hosts now. Name them? OK. Chad P. Best West. Monique Gregoire. And now Tammy. It's like she's the lead singer for Van Halen.
It's only fitting. We met at a radio station in Florence Alabama - WQLT, 107FM. It was a 100,000 watt flame-thrower stuck way up in the corner of the state. I was the afternoon jock and she was the copywriter. That meant she wrote the commercials. We dated even though we had both signed a document at the station saying we wouldn't.
I knew she really liked me when I got a job programming an AM/FM in Utica, New York and she left with me. We married less than a year later.
She been with me through seven radio stations, six states, a masters degree and a Ph.D. and two children we adopted from Guatemala. We've been married pushing 27 years so it look slike it's going to stick I guess.
Her? Oh, well, she's from Hackleburg, Alabama, has two undergraduate degrees which she paid for through work and student loans, a respiratory degree and a respiratory registry. She's worked at level one hospital trauma wards in three major cities and has stories that would make your toes curl.
She currently sells drugs - she's a pharmaceutical rep.
And she hosts a radio show. Did I mention that?
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