Episode 31: Anton Wass - Stark Future CEO

Zev News Moto Podcast

26-03-2024 • 28 mins

Stark Future stormed into the dirt bike industry like a thunderbolt. The mission was to leverage the strengths of electric technology to create the best dirt bike in the business. And, it's not far-fetched to say the company succeeded.

Its first bike, VARG, boasts an elegant design, unparalleled power, and numerous breakthroughs in the powertrain, chassis, and battery pack.

The breakthrough extends beyond the product to the company itself. To learn more about the early days, the process of developing VARG, and the possibility of new products and business units, I had a conversation with Anton Wass, Stark Future's founder and CEO.

We also discussed the recent title in Arenacross UK, how electric dirt bikes might change riding techniques, and the new manufacturers entering the dirt bike segment.

So, press play and enjoy the episode!

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