Ep 165: The Role of Financial Institutions in Driving Climate Action: Featuring Søren Nikolajsen, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific at NatWest Markets

BritCham Singapore

20-09-2023 • 26 mins

In this episode of our podcast series, Bridging the Sustainability Gap, we explore the topic of green finance, putting a lens on the role financial institutions play in enabling business to meet their sustainability goals and effectively mitigate climate change. Going beyond just the green, we take the conversation further, diving into the importance of addressing the blue economy as well when thinking about building a robust climate strategy.

Søren Nikolajsen, CEO of NatWest Asia Pacific, speaks with Lorena Paglia of our Sustainability Committee – taking listeners through some of NatWest’s climate initiatives and priorities in sustainable development around the carbon market, he shares with us the role he played in driving leadership with the organisations sustainability strategy and spotlights the opportunities that can come with investing sustainable business practices. Through the conversation, he also lends his insights on the significance of blue bonds and what they entail, bringing to focus the blue economy’s role in leading successful climate change action.

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