Cockroach Labs CTO (and GIMP Co-Founder) Peter Mattis!

Big Ideas in App Architecture

18-04-2023 • 46 mins

“I guarantee you no CIO will ever write a check to Cockroach Labs. You have to change the name.”

Peter Mattis, Co-founder and CTO at Cockroach Labs, was given that unsolicited advice from an audience member at a conference in 2018. Five years later Cockroach Labs has cashed plenty of checks signed by CIOs from some of the biggest companies on the planet. In this conversation, Peter goes way under the hood to talk about how CockroachDB is architected, how that architecture has evolved, and how the architecture will continue to evolve to make developers’ lives easier.

Join us as we discuss:
  • The origins of GIMP and early days at Google
  • How Peter built Pebble & how it compares to RocksDB
  • Lessons learned building Postgres compatibility
  • What the future of “serverless” databases will look like