THE TRANCE EMPIRE episode 323 with Rodman

The Trance Empire

17-04-2024 • 2 hrs 6 mins

New music this week from Freemood, Andy Newtz, Rodman, Casepeat & Plutian, Jus-Hak, Veen Tyler, Escea, Fallen Order and many more.

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TTE323 Tracklist:

U-Jeen, Anton By, Ocean.Pop - Hearts [Interplay Unity]

Freemood - Inside Existence [Addictive Sounds]

Victor Garde - I’m Alive, I’m Free [DEEP WOODS]

Redub - Vision [Coldharbour]

RY4N W1LSON - Atlantic [Addictive Sounds]

Pourya Feredi - Unlimited Night [Submission]

TTE Track of the Week

SKYDA - Sunshine [Gold Standard]

Denis Airwave - Nova [2Rock B Side]

Andrey Constant - EUPHORIA [Gold Standard]

Code Mode & Nicky Chris - Your Unconventional Ways (Sentien Remix) [Ablazing Relaunch]

Andy Newtz & Charmae - Out of Control [FlatLine]

Rodman - The Man with No Name [Gold Standard]

Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Kiran M Sajeev Remix) [White Label]

Casepeat & Plutian - Theory of Everything [Infrasonic Pure]

Vinny DeGeorge - Creation [Astraeus]

Jus_Hak - Iridescent [Gold Standard]

Veen Tyler - Narie [State Soundscapes]

TTE Clubber's Choice

Hypersia & Bruno Oloviani - Stuttgart [In Trance We Trust]

Joss Langdon - Axion [Extrema Global Music]

Dan Cooper & EllCavell - Mystic [Digital Society]

Rixson - Elevate [Ablazing]

Manuel Le Saux & Inrayzex - Sunset At The Opera [Extrema Global Music]

Escea - Invictus [Reason II Rise]

Fancy Power - Arrival [Neostatics Vision]

Dreamreader - Rising Love [We Love Trance]

Ashandra - Can't Forget You (Fallen Order Remix) [Aerodynamica Music]

TTE Classic Selection

The Digital Blonde - Electra [Perfect World 1999]

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