Shared Voice by 10-42 Project, A First Responder Podcast

Daniel and Christina Defenbaugh on behalf of 10-42 Project

"Shared Voices" is a first responder podcast that focuses on our first responders' mental health and well-being. We talk openly, honestly, and transparently about the real issues that our first responders and their families face. Our mission is to serve as a confidential ally to every current and former first responder, and their families, and remove financial, social, and emotional barriers preventing access to support and mental health resources.10-42 Project website: read less
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Shared Voices Podcast Season 2 Episode 10:  Breaking the Therapy Barrier. Invest in what matters
Shared Voices Podcast Season 2 Episode 10: Breaking the Therapy Barrier. Invest in what matters
Building Resilience: Vulnerability, Teamwork, Practice & CoTherapy for First RespondersAre you a first responder seeking to strengthen your mental and relational well-being and build a more supportive environment all around? Do you distrust everyone around you?This podcast dives into the power of vulnerability, teamwork, practice, and CoTherapy with Daniel Defenbaugh the founder of 10-42 Project, and couples and family counselors and coaches Monique and Rick Elgersma, a married couple who have leveraged CoTherapy and relationships to navigate the challenges of first responders and their families.Together, they'll explore:The importance of practicing relationships, resilience, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence in the face of trauma.Strategies for fostering open communication and building trust within yourself, your spouse, family, and your team.An introduction to CoTherapy: how couples in first responder professions can support each other's relational and mental health. Join us for an insightful conversation that will equip you with the tools and knowledge to build resilience, strengthen your relationships, and create a healthier, stronger, supportive, and more relational first responder community.Rick and Monique run a CoTherapy practice called Real Connections. They serve the personal and relational needs of the first responder community, and build the relational health of their greater community, and throughout the country. you or someone you know is in crisis and at risk of self-harm, please call or text 988, the suicide and crisis lifeline. To contact us directly send an email to or call 515-350-6274Visit our website! 10-42project.orgCheck us out on social media!Youtube: @1042projectFacebook: @1042projectInstagram: 1042_project