S3 E17 – Yellow Submarine, Part II – Singer/Songwriter James Clark (aka James Clark Institute)

The Walrus Was Paul

19-08-2023 • 48 mins

Part II of host Paul Romanuk's conversation with musician and singer/songwriter James Clark (aka James Clark Institute) about The Beatles' 1969 album Yellow Submarine.


-you can find out about James and his band, James Clark Institute right here.

-Side Two of Yellow Submarine consisted of The Beatles' brilliant producer and arranger George Martin's score for the animated film. Here's a look at George Martin and his work. I also highly recommend Kenneth Womack's two outstanding books on Martin and his life and work: Maximum Volume (Vol I) and Sound Pictures (Vol II). Both are widely available.

-here's the cover artwork for Yellow Submarine

-here's the cover artwork for James Clark Institute's The Colour Of Happy

-here's the excellent video The James Clark Institute did for their song Marcella Never Got The News (directed by Sean Ryan). Hey, watch for the "Beatle like" false ending to the song.