S3 E16 – Yellow Submarine, Part I – Singer/Songwriter James Clark (aka James Clark Institute)

The Walrus Was Paul

12-08-2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

Songwriter and singer James Clark talks with host Paul Romanuk about The Beatles' 1969 soundtrack album for the animated film Yellow Submarine.


-you can find out about James and his band, James Clark Institute, at their website

-here's a good BBC article on the animated film that went with the album and how it resonates on so many different levels and is, in the eyes of many, a cult classic

-we talk about one of James Clark Institute's songs - Marcella Never Got The News. The song is about a 1959 float plane crash in Saskatchewan, in which the pilot died and the plane was never found. That is, until July of 2018, when the wreck was discovered at the bottom of a lake. On the same day the discovery was made, the wife of the deceased pilot passed away. She died before getting news of the finding. The song is based on a book, Into The Mist, by Victoria Hetherington. Here's a CBC article that fills in some details.

-we talk about The Beatles song Hey Bulldog. It was an interesting song that The Beatles were filmed, in the studio, creating and recording. There are very few films of them actually working in the studio. Here's a link to some of the film clips from that day.

-speaking of films of The Beatles working, here's a link to the short BBC film on the creation of the song All You Need Is Love for the Our World worldwide television broadcast of June, 1967, where the song was premiered.