S3 E6 The Beatles Live At The Star-Club – Musician and Musicologist Mike Daley

The Walrus Was Paul

30-03-2023 • 1 hr 57 mins

Musician and Musicologist Mike Daley joins host Paul Romanuk to talk about The Beatles much bootlegged and sort of, kind of, semi-officially released live recordings from The Star-Club in Hamburg, West Germany in 1962.


-we talk about it, but for a much more detailed account of the Star-Club tapes and how this whole mess came to be, check out this page

-there are several versions of these tapes, the one we talk about was a Canadian release called Pickwick Star Club, Vol. 2. Here is a YouTube playlist that Mike put together of the version we talk about in this episode and the corresponding track order.

-here's a page of images of The Star-Club from "back in the day". The building it was in burned down in 1987.

-we talk about the so-called de-mixing technology that might be used to restore the audio that exists from the Star-Club shows. The best version of this technology as of this writing is the one that was used by director Peter Jackson for The Beatles Get Back film from 2021. It was also used to de-mix the instruments on the recent re-issue of Revolver, that were locked in on one track. Here's an article that explains how the technology works.

-Here's Mike Daley's website: https://mikedaleymusic.com/