Working Remotely From The Island Of Gozo - Tommi Murshed-Parish

Engaging Marketeer

20-07-2023 • 59 mins

There's remote working, and then there's working from a Maltese island!

Today on the Engaging Marketeer, I'm talking to video director, filmmaker and BNI member Tommi Murshed-Parish. Tommi is based on the island of Gozo, located just off Malta, which is where he carries out all of his video and BNI work. Tommi is an expert on video, which is why he was able to take this interview on the side of a Gozo road.

I'm talking to Tommi about:

  • Why he moved to Gozo: As hard as it is to believe that anyone would EVER want to leave the UK, Tommi and I discuss his relocation, as well as the differences between life in Gozo and Britain.
  • Working remotely: It might be quite hard for some to imagine the concept of a completely remote BNI member, but it's just what Tommi does. He tells me how he manages to find referrals for members in areas as far as South Africa, Mauritius and even Leeds!
  • Video presentations: Tommi uses his expertise in videography to help people, particularly BNI members, to create video presentations which are professional, get their point across and, crucially, that sound good. Him taking this interview on the side of a busy road is just an example of his audio prowess.

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