Episode 96: Sensoria Radio episode #96 ('R' you ready ?)

Sensoria with DJ Dreamdoctor

13-08-2023 • 1 hr

'R' you ready for this episode of Sensoria Radio with Dreamdoctor? One hour jam packed with classic alternative/indie artists that start with the letter R, including some great Canadian bands and rarities.

Rational Youth / Saturdays in Silesia
Rail T.E.C. / Gone
Rough Trade / High School Confidential
Rymes With Orange / Toy Train
Rheostatics / Record Body Count
Rheostatics / Horses
Rayna / Under the Milky Way
Republika / Smierc w Bikini
The Rock Lobsters / Stairway to Heaven
The Romantics / Talking in Your Sleep
Stan Ridgway / Drive She Said
The Residents / Kaw-Liga
Renegade Soundwave / Probably a Robbery
The Real People / Window Pane
Ramones / Commando