The Toxic Ozempic Trend | Corporate Casket


16-12-2023 • 25 mins

Go to to get 3 extra months free when you buy any 3-month Mint Mobile plan Sign up for our Patreon to support what we do! Welcome to the Corporate Casket, a weekly series where bad businesses go to die. Ozempic, in recent years, has been touted as a miracle drug for weight loss. But not only is it far from a miracle, but it may lead to a lot of harm for those who use it. Today, we’re talking about the side effects of Ozempic, the shortage, and the pending litigation. Connect With Me:’ Sources: Writers/Researchers/Helpers: Ali Z-B This episode was edited and mixed by: G. Thomas Craig Album cover art created by: Betsy Primes Intro Song Credits: Trauma- Will Van De Crommert Outro Song Credits: Electronica Punch- Oleksandr Koltsov Learn more about your ad choices. Visit