Decoding the PM Interviewer's Mind | Astika Gupta, Product and Career Coach | Meta, Microsoft, E-Bay

Product Unfiltered

10-12-2023 • 43 mins

Join us on Product Unfiltered as we delve into the dynamic world of Product Management Interviews with Astika Gupta, a seasoned professional who transitioned from software engineering to becoming a Senior Product Manager at eBay. In this insightful episode, Astika shares her personal journey, experiences, and key strategies for success in product management interviews. 00:00:00 Astika's Journey: From Software Engineer to Senior Product Manager Astika takes us through her career evolution, sharing her experiences at Meta, Google, Microsoft, and eBay. Learn how she successfully navigated interviews with tech giants and the invaluable lessons she gained. 00:05:00 Decoding PM Interviews: Insights from Various Companies Explore the nuances of product management interviews with insights from Astika's discussions with product managers from different companies. Understand why showcasing skills beyond product leadership is crucial in today's competitive landscape. 00:10:00 Individual Impact in Product Management Interviews Discover the importance of highlighting your individual impact during interviews. Astika emphasizes the signals that interviewers look for, including product vision, building from scratch, scaling products, creating roadmaps, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. 00:15:00 The Interview Process Unveiled: Product Sense, Metrics, and Behavior Astika breaks down the product management interview process into three segments: product sense, product metrics, and behavioral questions. Gain a deeper understanding of what interviewers seek in each segment and how to prepare effectively. 00:20:00 Focus on Thought Process and Alignment with Company Goals Learn the art of confidently making assumptions, aligning metrics with overall goals, and asking clarifying questions during the interview. Understand why interviewers prioritize understanding the thought process, customer segmentation, pain points, and alignment with company mission and business goals. 00:25:00 Seeking Clarification and Mentorship in Interview Preparation Astika shares her insights on seeking clarification during interviews, emphasizing the value of mentorship, and the importance of quality over quantity in mock interviews. 00:30:00 Developing a Personalized Framework for Interview Success Discover the significance of developing a personalized framework for interview success. Astika discusses the controversial 'golden number' of interview practices and offers advice on effective preparation. 00:35:00 Personal Stories and Subjective Observation in Interviews Explore the importance of personal stories and subjective observation in product management interviews. Understand how to stand out by bringing a unique perspective to your answers. 00:40:00 Crafting Concise Behavioral Questions Learn the art of crafting accurate and concise behavioral questions during interviews. Astika provides tips on creating a structured response with a headline, situation, action, and result. Don't miss this episode for a comprehensive guide to excelling in product management interviews. Whether you're an aspiring product manager or looking to level up your interview skills, Astika's insights are invaluable. Like, subscribe, and hit the bell for more engaging content from Product Unfiltered!"